How To Make Your Band Name Top The Search Engines

Naming your band is one of the first decisions that you have to make as soon as you start your band. You can pull any word from the air and come up will cool names. And of course, you need to pick a name that is yours alone. But did you know that aside from choosing a catchy, unforgettable name, you need to consider picking a search engine optimized name?

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Yes, it sounds weird. But let me explain the importance. In the olden times, people look for you in record bars and magazine. Now, people go straight to the internet to search for everything. What if you picked a band name that is so generic, it would take your fans 20 pages in Google to find you? You want your name to be the first result that appears on any search engine.

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Here are a few tips to make help you pick a name that is search-engine friendly.

  • Ensure that the name is not familiar or commonly used.
  • Use proper spelling and do not use special characters.
  • Use more than one word. If you opt for a one-word name, make it unique but easy to spell.
  • Google your name options to see if there are bands or other things using that name already.

We hope that this will help you pick your name custom-made for the World Wide Web. Remember, you will carry that name for the rest of your careers so pick something that you can live with forever.