We are thrilled to let you know about our upcoming events. Please join us by signing up to any of our events. We have very limited slots so make sure to drop us an email ASAP. Please do note that we can only reply to those with a reserved slot.


March 11 – “Make Me A Rock Star.”

This is a talk on how to start your career in the music industry. We have invited some talent agents to give aspiring artists an idea on what the big shots are looking for.


April 21 – 23 – “Band Fair.”

This is an event that will hook you up with the people looking for your talent. We invited hiring managers for music lounge, cafés, bars and other establishments to come and see the talents waiting to be discovered.


May 20 – “Like: How To Manage Your Social Media Presence

This event will teach you how to use the social media to your band’s advantage effectively. Learn how to do it right from online marketing experts. But if you think you just want to focus on music making, some companies would love to take care of your social media for you.