The Boxetts is a group of musicians and music enthusiasts that decided to form a network to help each other reach the height of their careers. The team started this website as a means of reaching other musicians.

The Boxetts saw a lot of high potential bands but are not getting the break they deserve. And the reason boils down to lack of information and proper network to help guide them. We will try to solve this gap by coming up with this website.

The Boxetts aim to build a network of musicians who are passionate and dedicated to their craft. Through the internet, The Boxetts focuses on helping other bands succeed by sharing information, tips, and inspiration on how to improve.

The Boxetts also wants to spread the love for music and be a venue to exchange ideas and experience within its online community. We want talents to find a path on how to break into the music scene. We do not promise, famous. But we will never push on, and have fun, until we get there.