A Memory From The Beginning

We are not a big organization, in fact, we’re not well recognized or anything like that, but we have helped a few people in our time. There was a time when we were just a small group of people who helped bands just to find a place to play and practice; at that time we were young and had very little resources and connections. We did have parents who knew people, and one of those people was the owner of an old theater, the place where we started to get a bit more organized and allow people to practice.

The old place hadn’t been in use for years and needed some work. There was also a bit of a pest problem but nothing a quick Google search of best Pest Control Franklin company couldn’t remedy. We only had it for a little more than a year, but I can still remember each day as if it was yesterday, the smell of paint we used to freshen up the look of the stage, the Chinese food takeout boxes in the fridge we got from my dad’s garage. All of the memories where it all started to pour in every time I look at our photos.

Now we’re working in a small office, coordinating with a few places for startup bands to practice at. Though I am thankful for our more stable position today, I still miss those days.