How To Make Your Band Name Top The Search Engines

Naming your band is one of the first decisions that you have to make as soon as you start your band. You can pull any word from the air and come up will cool names. And of course, you need to pick a name that is yours alone. But did you know that aside from choosing a catchy, unforgettable name, you need to consider picking a search engine optimized name?

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Yes, it sounds weird. But let me explain the importance. In the olden times, people look for you in record bars and magazine. Now, people go straight to the internet to search for everything. What if you picked a band name that is so generic, it would take your fans 20 pages in Google to find you? You want your name to be the first result that appears on any search engine.

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Here are a few tips to make help you pick a name that is search-engine friendly.

  • Ensure that the name is not familiar or commonly used.
  • Use proper spelling and do not use special characters.
  • Use more than one word. If you opt for a one-word name, make it unique but easy to spell.
  • Google your name options to see if there are bands or other things using that name already.

We hope that this will help you pick your name custom-made for the World Wide Web. Remember, you will carry that name for the rest of your careers so pick something that you can live with forever.

A Memory From The Beginning

We are not a big organization, in fact, we’re not well recognized or anything like that, but we have helped a few people in our time. There was a time when we were just a small group of people who helped bands just to find a place to play and practice; at that time we were young and had very little resources and connections. We did have parents who knew people, and one of those people was the owner of an old theater, the place where we started to get a bit more organized and allow people to practice.

The old place hadn’t been in use for years and needed some work. There was also a bit of a pest problem but nothing a quick Google search of best Pest Control Franklin company couldn’t remedy. We only had it for a little more than a year, but I can still remember each day as if it was yesterday, the smell of paint we used to freshen up the look of the stage, the Chinese food takeout boxes in the fridge we got from my dad’s garage. All of the memories where it all started to pour in every time I look at our photos.

Now we’re working in a small office, coordinating with a few places for startup bands to practice at. Though I am thankful for our more stable position today, I still miss those days.

Social Media Mistakes That New Bands Should Avoid

I was looking at my Facebook account and was amazed by the story shared by my friend about the pest infestation in their house. The intriguing part is that they just moved in six months ago to their new home in Columbus and yet termite markings are already visible on one of the foundations.

A few hours after that post, she went live on Facebook to broadcast the arrival of Pest Control Columbus company to deal with the pests. We saw how they inspected the house and our friend gave us a blow-by-blow account of what’s happening until the pest control guys left.  It is so amazing what social media can do now. It is now part of everyone’s lives. It not only touches individuals, but even establishments and artists big and small have also joined the bandwagon. It is truly a great way to connect with your followers and introduce yourself to new people who may have an interest in your brand of music. The electricians worked hard to wire our studio, and the Utah carpet cleaners did a superb job cleaning the carpets at our studio.

You might think that you can’t go wrong with social media. You may have the impression that having a social media account and posting at least three times a day is enough.

Well, that is not always the case. In fact, you might be sabotaging your online presence by doing social media the wrong way. We present to you some BIG mistakes in handling your social networking accounts.

Excessive Cheesiness

The fans appreciate your talent, and you are very thankful for it. A heartfelt thank you message is a good way to express your love for your fans. But never overdo it to the point that it sounds fake already.

Staying on the safe side

If opinions are concerned, be sure to speak your mind. Don’t fall into the trap of saying what you think your fans will like thinking it will gain you more likes. Be yourself. You may have lesser fans the process, but at least what’s left are those who are genuinely into your music. But while you are in the middle of expressing yourself, remember that being rude is never okay.

Photos, please

Be generous to your fans and post some photos with your status updates. Nothing could look more boring than a long narration with no photo. Let your photo do most of the talking. Fortunately, Instagram and Snapchat are in the scene to allow you to post artistic photos on the go.

Too many teasers

Do not give teasers when you know for a fact that it will take months or even ages before you can deliver. Excitement wanes so if you have anything going on like a new album or gig, release your teasers a month or a few weeks before your event. You can also take pictures or post a video to give them a taste of what’s coming up.

Not interacting

Make it a point to reply to your follower’s questions or comments on your post. You do not need to reply to everyone. Just a few short words will do. This will make your followers feel appreciated.

Misused Youtube account

Youtube is not Instagram. Remember to post your high-quality video content here. Post edited videos of your music covers, gigs, samplers, and behind the scenes here. Make sure that your content is worth sharing and watching. It is like having your own TV show. And in case you forgot, Youtube has been a host to many talents that are now chart-topping artists such as The Weeknd, Justin Bieber, Carly Rae Jepsen and Shawn Mendez.

Are You Ready For Fame?

Can you handle the pressure of fame? Sure, you got talent, and you feel up to your bones that Lady Luck is on your side. But these are not enough to make you a success.

We all know that being famous is not the “end all, be all” of your career. We have seen great musicians crumble down at the height of their success. You might say, if I have that life, I would never make a mistake of ruining it. Let us not be quick to judge here. What I am trying to say is that your success is not complete if you do not have the strength of mind and heart to be on top it. You need to have the values to harness that success to be a positive energy in your life and others. Rancho Cucamonga bail bonds agents bailed my friend out yesterday after he got jailed, the bail bond amount was quite high, but it beats spending your time in jail.

I think every dream come from passion. Your passion drives you to what you want in life. Talent can only get you half-way to your dreams if you do not partner it with passion. Sometimes, even without talent, your passion can take you to your goals.

We have seen people who are not naturally talented but are very passionate about the things that they want in life. In the end, they become the best in their field, not because of talent but only because of their grit and constant self-improvement.

Your values can spell whether success will make or break you. It is unfortunate to lose famous celebrities because of drugs and depression. They say it could get lonely on top. But that will not be the case if you have the right values in place.

Humility is the first in my list. It is not unusual for a person to beam with pride in their accomplishments, but too much air is a major turn-off. People appreciate being down-to-earth. It keeps your head from getting too big to appreciate that everything you have is not from your effort. The people behind you placed you there, and humility reminds you of that fact.

Discipline is also an important factor in an artist life. Knowing what is right for your and sticking to it will keep you from making wrong decisions in your career. You will be in a circle of famous people doing important people stuff, and they are not always the right thing. So you need to have a clear head and the discipline to stay on track of your goals and keep yourself away from anything that will harm you in the end.

Confidence is also confused as arrogance. You should know the difference. For me, the main difference between arrogance and confidence is in the way you project your talents. If you are overstating your skills, talking about it even when no one is asking, that could be a sign of arrogance.

Confidence, on the other hand, means being comfortable in your skin. It is accepting your flaws and generously sharing your talents. Arrogant people want constant recognition. They live for it. Confident people, on the other hand, doesn’t need any attention. They are just happy being themselves without stepping on anyone’s shoes.

That said, I hope that you will also invest some time in strengthening your core values in life. It is going to be your compass as you make your way to the top. Try to define your meaning of success so that you will be ready when you get there.